When it comes to pets, dogs are a huge favorite among pet owners. One of the major concerns among dog lovers is the huge number of dogs in need of their “forever homes, ” whether it’s through animal shelters, rescue groups, or foster organizations. Maybe you’ve never thought of rescuing a dog through adoption. Perhaps the idea of playing guardian angel to a dog in need is something you’d like to do, and the idea of fostering a dog has caught your attention. Ordinary Matters Publishing is pleased to announce the pending publication of the following books:

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What is it about rescue dogs that tugs at our hearts and paws at our emotions? It’s not uncommon to look into the eyes of a dog and suddenly find yourself returning home with a new best friend. Our immediate impulse is to rescue that particular dog, but often we are not fully prepared for what that entails.

BONDING WITH YOUR RESCUE DOG: Decoding and Influencing Dog Behavior was written to help dog lovers respond to that tug at the heart with love but also with confidence. Within its pages, you’ll find helpful information that will take you from the moment of choosing that special dog to the hours of love and care that await. Training, caring, loving, and sharing time with that special rescue dog will be enhanced with this book.

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Coming Spring|Summer 2014

Cover Foster Dog While everyone has heard of rescue and shelter dogs, you hear few words about foster dogs. What is a foster dog? Who can step up into the fostering role? Why are dog lovers needed to foster dogs? What are the special needs of foster dogs? Why would anyone want to foster a dog? These questions and more are covered in this new book CARING FOR YOUR FOSTER DOG: Meeting the Training and Emotional Needs of Foster Dogs.







New Homemade Dog Recipe Cookbook Series Coming Soon

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