52 Ways to Help Aging Parents and Elderly Family Members

Let’s face it, when you’re young and feeling good it’s really hard to understand what it’s like to grow old. Sure, you get it intellectually but the full realization can’t help but evade you. If you have aging parents or elderly family members, they need your help.  In 52 Ways to Help Aging Parents & Elderly Family Members, you’ll find a year’s worth of ideas that will go a long way toward creating a better life for you and your parents and relatives.


Vikk Simmons spent more than thirteen years helping her parents as they went through the inevitable series of changes that occur as someone grows old. Her father lived to be 90 and her mother, 98. She witnessed the subtle changes that occurred over time and is well-acquainted with the signs and signals that are often missed by so many due to the fast-paced lives we all live.