52 Ways to Help Friends & Family Members Care for Aging Parents

More and more people are being called to help their aging parents or come to the aid of elderly family members. This often results in a massive life change, especially if they assume the role of a family caregiver. In 52 Ways to Help Friends & Family Members Care for Aging Parents, you’ll find a year’s worth of helpful tips and suggestions to help you help your friend or family member as they take on the additional work and stress of becoming a caregiver. COMING SOON.

How to help aging parents and elderly family members; caregiving tips for caregivers

Vikk Simmons is more than familiar with the deep changes that can occur when you slip into the role of primary caregiver for an aging parent or family member. She spent more than thirteen years caring for her elderly parents, as well as precious time spent helping a dear friend during the last months of his life after being diagnosed with cancer. She knows the isolation, the narrowing of life, and the lack of social activity that comes quietly and consumes a life. Out of her experience, she can provide you with a year’s worth of suggestions and tips that can help you help a family member or friend during a time when they may not even know themselves how much help they could use.